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Ventura 30
Cut off: - 578mm, Ventura 30 4-high tower 578mm cut-off Age: 1995 Original built 4-high Quadtech motorised registration Ink levers Drop down ink ducts Pneumatics...  cont.
Ref. No. AN3510f
Goss Community SSC
Cut off: - 578mm, SSC 4-high tower Motorised lateral and circumferential registration, pneumatics, spray bar dampening, slot lock up, 'T' bar blankets, drop down ink d...  cont.
Ref. No. AN3539a
Goss  Community
Cut off: - 578mm, Pneumatic controls Drop down ink ducts Running circumferential register Lateral and circumferential register Ink Levers ...  cont.
Ref. No. WG3123
Goss Universal
Cut off: - 578mm, Goss Universal 2-high towers...  cont.
Ref. No. AN3516
Goss Universal
Cut off: - 578mm, 1 x Goss Universal 4-high tower...  cont.
Ref. No. AN2894a
Goss Community
Cut off: - 578mm, 2 x Goss Community mono units...  cont.
Ref. No. AN971
Solna D25D
Cut off: - 630mm, 1 x D25D, 2+1 unit, integrated reelstand, pneumatic brake, pneumatic reel loading, standard dampening ...  cont.
Ref. No. AN2234


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